Monday, February 4, 2019

7 Tips to Recover a Runner Mind

Training four months for a marathon or more time for an Ultra race can be exhausting, but there's a training more than the physical and all the miles, and it is our mental training. All the process of our training can make us feel stronger after every month, early runs and dealing with that voice that sometimes says "I need to stop" or "Can't do this" is another part of the training and for me in my personal opinion, is 40% important for the success. What keeps you doing it? Your mental strength? Your discipline?
We’re creatures of habit, and our bodies crave consistency. A marathon training program gave us highly detailed instructions on how to live our lives, then it leaves us on race day to figure out the rest on your own, and all that time!
I wanted to share these tips or recommendations that help me so much to recover my mind after a long and hard physical training, the best we recover and rest our minds, the best our bodies will pass the switch again for the next challenge.

1) Enjoy the achievement! Feel happy for finishing that race, no matter the distance , PR or not, you trained hard for it and you did it!! Enjoy your favorite food, why not? Buy yourself a present, your favorite flowers, a Spa day ( It's my favorite! ) may be a new pair of running shoes ;)

2) Take a good ONE hour massage: The massages always help to recover faster our muscles but are the perfect trigger to set our minds on relax and disconnect from any stress in our lives.

3) Back to the things that you missed: We likely put some "pause" to hang with friends until late, drink adult drinks or others so, it's time to have fun again and involve everybody for your celebration! Family time and friends always give so much refresh to our mind and balance.

4) Take some time OFF for yourself: May be a short trip, vacations, or just doing the things that you like to do alone or those that relaxes you. Meditation and Yoga help me so much, and a Spa day is a BIG plus.

5) Next races! Why not? take some time to check the fun races in your area or city to hang with friends and no matter the pace, just hang with your running friends and drink some pizza and beers. 

6) Walk! Take some time with friends, dogs, your loved one or alone and go walk all those places that you love around your area or city. Look for those peaceful places who can help you to disconnect from your routine. The beach, camping, road trip with friends! Just go and have fun and give joy and peace to your mind. 

7) Do YOGA!!! If you don't try Yoga yet, what are you waiting? It's the perfect balance activity ( and swimming ) for runners. Specialists recommend do an activity barefoot per week, and definitely is great to stretch and recover faster but the health and relax that it gives to our mind through the different poses, is priceless and you will feel it! In my case love Hot core Yoga and relaxing Flows every single day after a marathon.

Carolina Muriel
Chevron Houston Marathon Ambassador 2019
Trail Racing Over Texas Ambassador 2019
Team Nuun

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